Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes is an English theater and film actor, who brilliantly plays the role of Ammon Goth. Prior to his role in Schindler’s list, Fiennes appeared in a number of roles about the Holocaust. This caught the attention of director Steven Spilberg, and while in London casting all the roles for his upcoming movie Schindler’s list met with Fiennes to read the role as Ammon Goth. The role was given to him almost instantly. Fiennes admits to the role having profound and disturbing effects on him by portraying something so evil.  When asked by reporter Bob Woodward on how he prepared for the role, Finnes said he talked to multiple Holocaust Surviros who had first hand experiences with Goth himself. “I remember there being accounts by survivors who talked about their terror when they saw him. He terrified the people of Plaszów. Many accounts of him were just full of the physical fear that people felt when they saw him. I developed the idea there might be something lost about him. He drank a lot, he ate a lot, and these may be things…people do this to themselves to sort of keep themselves together. But maybe that excuses him too much. I mean, I don’t know”. Fiennes was later nominated for an oscar as best supporting actor, he did not win the oscar, however he won recognition from the American Film Institute as one of the best played villains.


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