Emilie Schindler


Emilie Schindler was born in a German speaking village, which is now Czech Republic. She married Oskar Schindler in 1928 and they moved to Krakow, Poland. Emilie despised her husband and in her memoir, “Where Light and Shadow Meet,” she said he was a womanizer and a greedy self-serving man.

Emilie served the Jews that Oskar saved and took care of them when they were frost bitten and weak. She was upset that the film “Schindler’s List” overlooked her role in helping the Schindlerjuden. In a 1994 interview with ARD television, Emilie said: “Oskar is the hero, and what about me? I saved many Jews too.”

Following the liberation of the camps, Emilie and Oskar fled to Argentina. Oskar left in 1958 and headed back to Germany. Emilie stayed in Argentina until July 21, 2001 when she returned to Germany to spend her last days there. She died in Strausberg on Oct 5, 2001.


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