Poldek Pfefferberg

Poldek Pfefferberg

Poldek Pfefferbeg was born in Cracow on March 20, 1913. He got his masters degree from Cracow University, and became a high school PE teacher. He was No. 173 on Oskar Shindlers “list”. Poldek was a working in one of the factories owned by Oskar Shindler. Poldek promised Oskar that he would make him a hero one day for saving himself and many other jews. After the war Poldek moved to Manhattan, then to Los Angeles and owned a leather goods store. He changed his name to Leopold Page soon after arriving. Poldek spoke to many producers in the movie industry about the experience he had with “Shindler’s List.” No one bought the story, and no one seemed interested in it, until one day Thomas Keneally walked into his store. Thomas and Poldek chatted for hours about his experience, and Keneally was sold and wanted to write a book about “Shindler’s List.” The movie Shindler’s List, has a lot of thanking to do for Poldek. He was so persistent with Steven Spielberg to start filming, he would call his office weekly to check the status of production. Poldek asked Steven very often, “when he was going to get beyond making movies about dinosaurs and little furry things.” Poldek passed away on March 9, 2001. Steven said after his death that, “Were it not for Leopold Page, Oskar Shindler woud only be known by those survivors of the Shoah whom he saved and by scholars and historians.”


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