Hollywood Ethics

Ethics     (noun):

1. Moral principles that govern a person’s or a group’s behavior.

2. The moral correctness of specified conduct.

The ethics of Hollywood.

Ethics are governed by society and define moral conscience. However when talking about ethics in Hollywood, this phrase invites snickers and raised eyebrows. It’s often times more of an oxymoron and a contradiction. To get a sense of current ethics in Hollywood, The NYC Times talked to dozens of studio executives, producers, agents, actors and others whose lives are affected by the ethical whims of a business. While most people interviewed said they believe the film industry is as ethical as any other, there are no ethics.

“Ethics is not a good word for our business,” said a leading industry executive. “There  are no ethics. It’s a total jungle, a barroom brawl. A gentlemanly code used to exist, but that’s gone. There’s a whole new set of rules (that says) there are no rules. You do whatever you have to do.”

Hollywood film’s motives, though sometimes try to account the accuracies  of historical events are mainly for the purpose of profit and entertainment. They turn events into a story. Movies have a beginning and an end, they have a hero and a villain. Ethical standards have little stability or consistency and for the most part are undefined.


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