Schindler’s List-Myth and Reality

One of the biggest truthiness concepts of this whole story is in the title itself: Schindler’s List.

The title implies that Oskar Schindler was the one solely responsible for the list when in fact he had very little to do with it.  According to David M. Crowe, after the war Oskar Schindler was asked by one of his “Jews”  how he determined who got on the list and who didn’t. Schindler’s response was that he had nothing to do with it.

In reality a man by the name of Marcel Goldberg was the one that decided who was put on and who wasn’t.  Marcel Goldberg  was working for Amon Goeth in Plaszow, and it was common knowledge among many of the prisoners that Goldberg would take bribes to be put on Schindler’s List.  When the camp was to be moved Schindler gave one and only one guideline, which was that he wanted “my people”. That meant the Jews that were the remaining Emalia Jews. According to David M. Crow, “beyond that guideline Goldberg had to add to the list the workers who had accompanied Brunnlitz’s new commandant, Josef Leipold, from the aviation factory in Wieliczka, which were the most prominent Jews from his factory.”

Schindler didn’t create the list, but he did protect those that worked for him. The fact that the movie is framed as though he was the only one responsible for the list, portrays him as an even greater hero, and saintly. This framing also leaves out much of the greed and bribery that was associated with getting on the list.


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